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Fogo War Graves

Fogo War Memorial 1914 – 1919


Name Rank Regiment
Edd H. Trotter D.S.O. Lieutenant Colonel Grenadier Guards
Reg B. Trotter Captain Cameron Highlanders
John Blumer Second Lieutenant R.F.A.
George Guthrie Private K.O.S.B.
William Kinghorn Private K.O.S.B.
Arthur A. Lorimer Private K.O.S.B.
Alex C. Purves Private K.O.S.B.
John D. Shiell Private Gordon Highlanders
George F. Thomson Private Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
James Yule Private Scots Guards

War Graves in Fogo Churchyard 1939 – 1945

Title Name Regiment Killed in Action
Flying Officer J. Morris Royal Canadian
Air Force
24th October 1942
Flying Officer F. E. Larkman Royal Canadian
Air Force
3rd March 1945
(Age 20 years)
Flight Lieutenant M. J. D. O’Leary D.F.C. Royal Air Force 11th May 1944
Flying Officer J. O. Scott Royal Air Force 5th August 1944
(Age 27 years)
Sergeant 1333983 G. D. J. Hanlon Royal Air Force 17th February 1944
(Age 20 years)
Flying Officer E. A. Clough Royal Air Force 13th July 1945
Flying Officer T. J. Donohue Royal Australian
Air Force
10th November 1942
(Age 23 years)
Sergeant 401729 C. L. Hutchesson Royal Australian
Air Force
13th November 1942
(Age 29 years)
Flying Officer G. W. Bigmore Royal Australian
Air Force
18th October 1943
(Age 21 years)
Flight Sergeant 409952 E. J. S. Williams Royal Australian
Air Force
19th September 1943
(Age 31 years)
Warrant Officer 405843 H. A. Douglas Royal Australian
Air Force
18th March 1944
(Age 21 years)
Flight Sergeant 417024 T. Cosson Royal New Zealand
Air Force
9th June 1943
(Age 23 years)
Flight Sergeant 415280 W. Andrew Royal New Zealand
Air Force
27th July 1943
(Age 21 years)
Petty Officer Air Man 3171 A. H. P. Archibald Royal New Zealand Navy 19th July 1943
(Age 23 years)
Sub. Lieutenant (A) J. A. Luke R.N.V.R. 1st March 1944
(Age 24 years)
Sub. Lieutenant (A) C. Newburgh-Hutchins R.N.V.R. 1st March 1944
(Age 22 years)