Local Services

Local amenities and services

Local amenities and services, with links to further information, are shown:

  • in this map here and
  • in this table here, which includes emergency services, and contact details in the event utility failures (power, water, etc)

If you’re looking for local trades people (plumbers, builders, painters, etc) and other services , try here

SBC has an excellent interactive map of features and facilities in the Borders: boundaries, planning, schools, hospitals, wind farms, and much more. Well worth a look

Sport and Fitness

  • Swimming: Duns Swimming Pool is run by an independent charitable trust for the benefit of the community. Pool opening is organised in ‘sessions’ so that, for example, an adult trying to build stamina be distance swimming is not in the pool at the same time as a mother trying to introduce a toddler to the pleasures of swimming.
    Full details of the sessions offered can be found on the Duns Swimming Pool website
  • Yoga: Gill Gibbens is a fully qualified yoga teacher offering classes at a number of venues in Berwickshire.
    Full details are available from Gill’s website

Other Local Communities

  • Duns: Gavinton’s nearest neighbour to the north-east is the town of Duns. Further information can be obtained by visiting the Duns website
  • Kelso: The town of Kelso, 15 miles to the south-west offers a wide range of shops from long-established local businesses to branches of national chains. Further information can be obtained by visiting the Kelso website

Useful Links

Some of the following links may be of interest:

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Duns website
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Scotland Internet
Scottish Borders Tourist Board
Scottish Borders Website Design
Scottish Seabird Centre
Travel Scotland
Undiscovered Scotland
Scottish Borders Disability Forum
Convention of Scottish Local Authorities
Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland
Radio Borders
Scottish Trade International

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