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Wireless Broadband

mast at Langtonlees

With a £140k grant from the European Union, a wireless broadband network was installed in 2013 to serve Polwarth, Cothill and Whitsome communities.  The network was upgraded to a fast fibre signal from Berwick in 2014, and in 2018, a new mast near Duns extended network coverage to most of Berwickshire, and beyond.

The service is supplied through a Scottish based internet service provider called Briskona.  A range of broadband packages are available to serve households and businesses with speeds up to 30Mbps, and a phone option with no line rental.  You can do away with your BT landline and save the £18/month line rental. 

A wireless system depends on ‘line of sight’ (LOS) between a succession of relay and access points located to maximise the number of properties served.  For this reason, an on-site survey is required to check for any LOS obstacles

Contact Briskona to see if your property could be connected.  There is a connection charge, which includes a wireless router which belongs to Briskona so there are no future costs should any problem arise.  At the moment, if your download speed is under 2Mbps, you can apply for a free connection.  Briskona has been providing services locally for over ten years, and now has over 800 customers in Berwickshire, and well over 1,800 elsewhere in Scotland

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Free Fast Broadband in the Village Hall

Gavinton village hall was connected to the wireless network in March 2016 and fast broadband is freely available within the building.  The broadband equipment and installation were kindly supplied by Briskona, as is the ongoing service delivery.  The community is most grateful to the company for this generous contribution to the village hall
The password to login to Wi-Fi is: gavinton2016

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