Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out about my local Community Council?

For details, or if you are not sure in which Community Council are you live in, contact Scottish Borders Council in Newton St Boswells.

Do I have to be a Community Councillor to attend a meeting?

No. All meetings are open to public and the date, time & location are advertised locally.

How many Community Councils are there?

There are 61 Community Councils active in the Scottish Borders.

How are Community Councils funded?

Community Councils receive an annual grant from Scottish Borders Council. They can also apply for different grants to carry out specific projects and activities in their area as well as hold their own fund raising events.

How Do I Join my Community Council?

If you wish to become a Community Councillor you must be on the Electoral Role of the Community Council area. Becoming a temporary member to work on a specific project or to fill a vacancy may also be an option.  Each Community Council must hold an election at least once every 4 years giving new members the opportunity to join. The Gavinton Fogo & Polwarth Community Council election last took place in May 2007.  All Community Councils welcome local residents becoming involved.

How Often do Community Councils Meet?

The Gavinton Fogo & Polwarth Community Council meets approximately every 6 weeks.

Do Community Councillors get Paid?

No, members give their time voluntarily. However the Secretary & Treasurer may receive a small payment for the work they do, from Community Council funds. Expenses for carrying out the work of the Community Council can be paid to members from its funds.

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