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1:25,000 scale

The Community Council obtained a licence* in 2016 allowing free access to Ordnance Survey maps, data and aerial photography.  Using this resource, the following maps have been created and added to relevant sections of this website

Maps in bold text contain links to further information, and those marked * have an interactive legend 

Explore our local area using this plain map view

Public Sector Geospatial Agreement

Watch this three minute video to make best use of the interactive maps


Other Maps

SBC has an excellent interactive map of features and facilities in the Borders: boundaries, planning, schools, hospitals, wind farms, and much more. Well worth a look

Here are some useful sources of historical information, including maps:

(hover over map to pause}

  • 1654

Aerial Views

Have a look at high definition aerial views of Gavinton, Fogo, Polwarth and Cothill

Digital Mapping

If you’re interested in the extraordinary advances in digital mapping, have a look at the videos on this website

Ordnance Survey History

This one‑hour TV programme tells the fascinating history of Ordnance Survey

Brilliant Maps

If you enjoy maps, check out this website

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