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Resilient Communities

Gavinton, Fogo and Polwarth Community Council and the Scottish Borders Council have worked together to develop a “Resilient Community Plan” for the Gavinton, Fogo and Polwarth area. This involves forming a group of volunteers who can help their neighbours in emergencies (e.g. heavy snow, flooding missing people).  Any such work will be in addition to – not a replacement of – services provided by the council, police, utility companies, etc.

The plan covers not only Gavinton, Fogo and Polwarth but stretches to Hardens and Langtonlee in the north, Charterhall in the south and Bogend in the east.

More information on all aspects of the plan is available via the dropdown menus, but you can view the full plan document here.

Further information on this topic, including a short video, is available on the SBC website here

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