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defibrillator close-up

In May 2017 the British Red Cross agreed to donate to SBC a number of defibrillators – to be specifically located within resilient community areas.  Jean Coleman, then our Resilient Communities co-ordinator applied on our behalf.  Many thanks to Jean.

In September 2017 we heard we had been successful. Thanks to the British Red Cross.  Amanda Stewart then began fundraising for the cabinet to hold the defibrillator and organising the installation.  

With the assistance of the British Red Cross and generous donations by many residents and others we now have a defibrillator mounted at the Gavinton Village Hall facing the Green.  We held familiarisation on Saturday the 21st April 2018, led by Craig Prentice and colleagues from Scottish Fire & Rescue. The CC would like to thank to John Fraser and Kevin Sewell of SBC for helping us secure the defibrillator from the British Red Cross. Thanks also to Amanda and all who helped raise and contribute to the funding of the defibrillator and its installation.  

To publicise the location of the defibrillator a notice was placed on the CC Facebook page which was viewed by 1,200 people. Colin Baxter has added the Gavinton defibrillator to the network used by the emergency services, and the app Crowdsav which shows the location of all defibrillators in the UK.  After paying for a heated cabinet and an electrician to install the defibrillator the sum of £404.65 remains in the defibrillator fund. Some of this money may be used to purchase replacement electrodes for the defibrillator.


We had a lot of community support including donations from:

  • Biscuit sales (Amanda Stewart)                                £47.70
  • Donation Dr & Kirsten Arthur                                   £30.00
  • Rosie Letts (Border Reivers Polo Match)                £170.00
  • Duns FC (Juniors)                                                        £100.00
  • Reivers Week whiskey raffle                                    £125.00
  • Book Sale – Ceri Leather                                             £200.00
  • Donation from Tom Stewart 70th B’day                   £45.00
  • Village Hall Committee                                              £200.00

            Total raised                                                                 £917.70

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