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Places of Interest


There are several places of interest in and around our area which are worth a visit. These are shown in this map here, with links to further information.   

Duns Castle

Listed buildings, scheduled monuments and other local items of historic interest may be found here (enter ‘Gavinton’ in the search box). The map shows all listed buildings, with links to further details of each building (click the ‘layers’ and ‘legend’ icons to select what you want to see)

SBC has an excellent interactive map of features and facilities in the Borders: boundaries, planning, schools, hospitals, wind farms, and much more. Well worth a look

A Heart for Duns

A Heart for Duns was established in 2014 and aims to bring the people of Duns and Berwickshire together for business, social wellbeing and community good.  It owns and manages the Volunteer Hall, which serves as the hub for these activities. 

Information on things to see and do in Duns and the surrounding area is available here

Attractions Further Afield

Some attractions, less than an hour’s drive from Gavinton, are listed here and their location shown on this map here

The Jim Clark trail of about 50 miles is shown on this map here, and the museum in Duns has more information

A 190 mile circular driving route through lowland and coastal scenery taking many of the towns of Midlothian and the Scottish Borders. Details here

Scotland Starts Here has a weaalth of information on things to see and do and where to stay in southern Scotland

Marchmont House

Marchmont House is an imposing Palladian mansion built in 1750 and contains some of the finest Georgian and Arts & Crafts interiors in Scotland.  It was awarded the 2018 Historic Houses Award (by Sotheby’s) for the recently completed seven-year restoration

Marchmont House

Marchmont is only open to the public for a limited number of days each year.  Guided tours last 2 to 2½ hours and must be booked in advance.  Tickets are NOT available at the door.  There is a discount for TD10 residents and students, who should contact the office directly.  Tickets for upcoming tours and events may be obtained here.  Sign up for the newsletter here to be kept informed of tour dates and other events.  Further information on Marchmont is available here.
Adam Bridge, near Marchmont House, was built in 1759 and is under reconstruction (2023).  Details of the bridge and ongoing construction works are avaiable here
Churchill’s Secret Army, Greenlaw Patrol: information here

St Abbs Lighthouse

Berwickshire Coast (and geology)
This website highlights the attractions of the Berwickshire Coast, including a video and information on upcoming events.  For walkers and birdwatchers, the Berwickshire Coastal Path is pretty spectacular and includes Siccar Point, one of the world’s most important geological locations, made famous by James Hutton, the father of modern geology. 
Tap here for information on several geological features along this stretch of coastline

Maps for walks along the Berwickshire Coastal Path are included here  

The Berwickshire Coastal Path

Whiteadder: The Historic Heart of the Lammermuirs

This archaelogical project takes place in 2019-20 and will investigate the history of the local landscape.  The project involves training workshops, lectures, guided walks, field survey and excavations aimed at bringing the archaeology of this beautiful area to as wide an audience as possible

Sites of interest are shown on this interactive map

Scottish Borders 

Mobile app
There are plenty of things to see and do in the Scottish Borders.  Visit the website ‘Scotland Starts Here‘, and download the app from the app store
Screen shots and description of the app here
Visitors guide
This guide
has details on making the most of a visit to the Borders
Historic Houses
For details of historic houses and their location, visit this website
Visit this website for other attractions 
This blog has useful information on places to visit in the Borders

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