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John Marjoribanks, has been investigating the possible twinning of Gavinton and Villeneuve-au-Chemin, in northern France.  there is a historical link between the Cockburn family of Choicelee and the Mayor of Villeneuve-au-Chemin, Monsieur Gilles de Cockborne who visited Gavinton in 2015. Since then John has worked to encourage a relationship between the two communities and he visited Villeneuve-au-Chemin in 2016.

At a recent meeting the Community Council agreed to John’s proposals and he was authorised, on behalf of the GFPCC, to continue discussions with the Municipal council of Villeneuve-au-Chemin for the purpose of arranging reciprocal visits between the two areas.  We expect to hear more from John shortly.

Please contact John if your are interested.


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