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If you missed the recent exhibitions because of the very short notice given by the proposed developer you can still find information on the Ecotricity website.

INCH MOOR is the largest of the windfarm proposals near us, and located in Gordon & Westruther CC (19 turbines up to 130m to tip).

This windfarm will generate over 50MW of electricity and will be determined by national government (not Scottish Borders Council). It is a big deal.

The developer, Ecotricity, has just announced that it is holding public exhibitions next week:

Greenlaw War Memorial Hall – Monday 15th June from 1pm until 7pm

Westruther Village Hall – Tuesday 16th June from 1pm until 7pm

Further details are available on their website.

Now is your chance to see what is being proposed, and talk to members of the Ecotricity development team.

INCH MOOR is immediately adjacent to the proposed BLACKRIG windfarm (10 turbines, 115m to tip) (see below), and together will have the appearance of one windfarm.  Formal applications for both windfarms are expected later this year.

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